Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's a Goddess to Do?

Still soaring from my triumph of domestic bliss yesterday I awoke this morning with a plan. I will hunt and gather, fill my storehouse, meet the needs of my young...you know...grocery shop. I planned to take a drive to the 'big' town ten minutes up the road to hit the Walmart and Superstore but Dude is having an off day so I thought a quick trip to the small store in town would be better.

I entered the store, list in hand, full of optimism. Its a quaint small town store with local produce and the smell of fresh bread greeting you as you enter. I was charmed...until I glanced at my list and saw that ten nearly bare aisles were not going to cut it.

Apparently the store had not recovered from all the extra shoppers that the town festival had brought in this past weekend but the clerk assured me that the shelves would be restocked by Thursday. THURSDAY?! I took a deep breath, remembered that I am now a domestic goddess and scaled down the list to just the essentials but the store still comes up short.

So what's a girl to do when the only grocery store in town is out of stock of nearly everything? She heads to the discount store near the railway tracks.

In the city I had only entered this kind of store once and thought it was a dodgy kind of place but apparently small town charm even works on a store that sells rubber boots, yogurt and toilet paper all in the same aisle.

I braved the discount store, found everything on the list and remain a domestic goddess...at least for one more day.

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